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About the Speaker

After the tragic drowning of her ten-year-old nephew Austin, Sharon was heartbroken. She was lucky enough to find an educational program on grief and was inspired to become a Grief Specialist. As a Grief Specialist, Sharon has helped hundreds of grievers complete their own personal grief and come through the pain, isolation and loneliness.

Sharon and Erica are the authors of The Healing Place and Processing Grief, the journal for the fresh new griever. Sharon was the host of her own weekly radio show KHTS, The Grief Recovery Hour. In 2018 Sharon was honored to be on the TEDx stage as the first ever Grief Specialist. She and Erica are the owners of their own weekly podcast Healing Starts with the Heart, on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. Sharon, along with her sister Erica, travel around the country and help grieving people everywhere.

Erica is the mother of Austin, who drowned while on a boating trip with his father for Father’s Day in 2006. She participated in a grief healing educational following Austin’s death and was so moved by her experience she decided to become certified to help other grievers mend their broken hearts. Only two days after becoming recertified in Texas, her oldest son Donovan was killed in a motorcycle accident on 7/2/2015. Erica is confident that had she not had the tools to assist her with the pain of her broken heart she would not be where she is today. Erica holds a BA in Psychology. In her prior career, she was a Social Worker.

“The biggest shock for me is that we are never taught how to grieve properly. Grief is inevitable. We will all experience a loss at some point in our lives, whether that be death of a loved one, loss of a job or relationship, or anything we feel should have been different, better, or more in our lives. I love that I can change the world, by healing one heart at a time.” – Sharon

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